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Transaction Reporting

Receive real-time statistics and transaction information.

MSPay’s proprietary reporting interface provides merchants with real-time information across all their account, cardholder and processing activity. With configurable functionality to suit your needs, MSPay provides you with a vast selection of online reports, including transaction statistics, sales, refunds and fees, chargebacks, full transaction listings, calendar activity and more.

In addition to transaction reporting, all merchants are provided with account management abilities through MSPay’s robust merchant backend. Here merchants can search for individual transactions, set user permissions, process manual payments (MOTO), issue refunds, view payment ledgers and view the status of their rolling reserve.

MSPay’s reporting system ensures that merchants remain fully aware of their transaction data, accounting and customer service issues at all time. Other convenient administrative tools include:

  • Detailed sales and statement reporting
  • Revenue trends and charts
  • Geo-location of customer transactions
  • Extensive customer service functions
  • Detailed transaction finders
  • MOTO terminal for manual payments
  • Affiliate payments and tracking
  • Web traffic statistics

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