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Our features equal your benefits.

MSPay’s premium High-Risk and Low-Risk accounts deliver unrivalled payment services to merchants worldwide. With payment security, relationship management and product diversification our core priorities, MSPay successfully services merchants around the world, from a variety of industries and sizes.

Our Features Your Benefits
48 Hour Set-Up Once all documentation has been submitted
Tailored Accounts To provide customized services that suit your business
Payment Flexibility To bring you multiple payment products and payment options
Customer Support To assist your customers with all transaction enquiries
Multiple Banks To provide contingency processing safeguards
Affiliate Services To drive your website traffic and online sales
Statistic Reporting So you can effectively manage your ecommerce growth
Assisted Integration When using our secure Hosted Payment Page
Multiple Accounts Including offshore, onshore and international accounts
Worldwide Acceptance Of low and high risk merchants
High-Risk Welcome Regardless of industry, volumes or location


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