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General FAQs

How do I sign up to MSPay and how long will this take?

Signing up for an MSPay account is quick and easy, and can have you up and processing within 3-7 days – once all documentation has been received. To sign-up for an account, please fill in the online merchant enquiry form and our Merchant Account Manager will contact you shortly. Alternatively, you can send an email with your business and processing details to or call us on 1800 466 8567.

How do I integrate with MSPay?

MSPay’s dedicated technical support team will help you integrate with our payment system. With API, Hosted Payment Page and Shopping Cart integration, MSPay can integrate with your website, any way your business requires. When you sign up for your MSPay account, our Merchant Account Manager will call you to discuss your specific integration requirements.

Can I be located anywhere in the world?

Yes. MSPay processes for low and high-risk merchants from anywhere in the world, offering onshore, offshore and international merchant accounts.

What rates does MSPay charge?

MSPay uses a unique algorithm to set the lowest possible rates for its high and low-risk merchants. By assessing your business profile, which takes into account your industry, credit history, processing volumes and location, MSPay can provide you with a competitive industry rate, specific to your business.

For more information on MSPay’s rates, please visit the rates page on our website or complete an online enquiry form for an obligation free rates quote.

What industries does MSPay process for?

MSPay processes for high and low -risk merchants from almost every industry and location worldwide. To see if MSPay can process for your business, please contact us today for an obligation free processing assessment.

Does MSPay accept high-risk merchants?

Yes. MSPay provides premium online processing services to high-risk merchants worldwide. With international banking relationships, sophisticated fraud controls and no stringent processing volume restrictions, MSPay is the first choice for high-risk merchants, no matter where they are in the world. For more information about our dedicated high-risk merchant accounts, please click here.

Does MSPay enforce volume processing restrictions?

No, MSPay does not enforce volume processing restrictions, however some acquiring banks do have set processing guidelines. MSPay will work with your business to develop a processing agreement which suits your volume needs, and try to replace volume restrictions (where possible) with routine security checks if your business has a high monthly turn-over.

How do I track my online payments with MSPay?

Every MSPay merchant receives a secure online account that provides multiple functionality and detailed reporting of all processing and sales statistics. With a MOTO/Virtual Terminal, full transaction listings, search functionality, in-depth reporting and more, the MSPay online account helps merchants manage their growth, revenue and ongoing business success.

Does MSPay offer an affiliate program?

Yes. MSPay offers a robust affiliate tracking and payment system, allowing merchants to run affiliate campaigns from anywhere in the world. For more information please visit the affiliates page on this website.

How often will MSPay pay me?

MSPay pays its merchants via a weekly payment cycle, providing settlement by Friday AEST of each week. This convenient payment cycle is also offered to resellers and affiliates to assure the settlement of funds in a timely and professional manner.


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Fraud and Security FAQs

Does MSPay protect my business against fraud?

Yes. MSPay employs a sophisticated security and fraud minimization system to successfully reduce fraudulent and invalid transaction. With a team of dedicated security specialists, superior velocity controls, credit card and IP suppression lists, customizable ticket value, manual verification abilities and more, MSPay provides leading fraud protection to its merchants, ensuring the highest number of approved transactions in a secure, real time environment.

Is MSPay level 1 PCI compliant?

Yes, MSPay is Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant and adheres to all payment card and security standards to ensure maximum security for merchants and their cardholders

Payment FAQs

What payment types can I accept with MSPay?

MSPay merchants can accept payments via Credit Card (Visa and MasterCard), debit card, ACH and more. MSPay also offers an online MOTO/Virtual Terminal for manually processing transactions, recurring billing, subscription billing, and more.

Does MSPay hold a reserve on processed funds? Why is this?

Yes. Like all secure payment processors, MSPay maintains a minimal processing reserve to help protect your business.

A rolling reserve is a percentage of your overall online processing volume which is held in a secure account by MSPay before being released to your business. Rolling reserves or ‘holdbacks’ are common practice across the online processing industry, as they provide security for both the online merchant and payment processing company.

The intention of the rolling reserve is to cover any potential liabilities which can occur in online trading. If your business contravenes legal regulations or engages in fraudulent activity leading to multiple chargebacks, the rolling reserve is available to cover these costs.

MSPay holds a 6 month 10% rolling reserve for each of its merchants. Every month, 10% of your processing volume will be held in a secure MSPay holding account. After 6 months, you will be refunded your reserves on a month by month basis. This means that on your seventh month of processing, you will receive your first months 10% rolling reserve, and on the eight month you will receive your second months 10% rolling reserve. This will continue for the lifetime of your MSPay merchant account.

Can I accept debit cards also with MSPay?

Yes you can. MSPay processes debit card transactions through the same system as credit cards, ensuring full acceptance and payment approval in a real-time environment.

Can I accept transactions from customers all over the world?

Yes you can. MSPay places no restrictions on the locations of your customers and card holders. If your customers are paying via credit card, they can be located anywhere in the world and securely transact with your business.

The only payment restriction relates specifically to ACH payments, which are available only to US customers. This is a universal restriction placed on all ACH payments regardless of the payment processor, bank or payment gateway.

Can I manually enter credit card payments on behalf of my customers?

Yes. All MSPay merchants are provided with a free MOTO/Virtual Terminal in their online account. This terminal allows merchants to accept payments via phone, fax and mail order – giving them the ability to manually input transaction information for real-time processing. This convenient tool can also be used by merchants for issuing refunds, partial refunds and credits to their cardholders.

How does MSPay help my business reduce chargebacks?

MSPay’s Merchant Services Team will work diligently with your business to help reduce the occurrence of charge backs. Through our proactive approach, our team mentors merchants through the charge back process, providing support and assistance with retrieval requests, refunds and more. Additionally, MSPay employs multiple strategies to reduce the occurrence of charge backs, including detailed customer email receipts, an online customer transaction-search portal, dedicated customer support website and more.

Who can pay on my site via ACH?

Although most merchants (regardless of their locations) can offer ACH payments, only customers residing within the United States are able to lodge ACH transactions. Due to issues such as language barriers, fluctuating currency exchange and technological impracticality, there is no universal bank-payment system in place today. As the Automated Clearing House (ACH) is part of the United States Federal Reserve Banks, only customers within the United States are able to make payments via this payment options.

Reseller FAQs

Does MSPay offer a Reseller program?

Yes. MSPay offers a lucrative reseller program with multiple commission models to resellers worldwide. For more information about our Reseller Program, please visit the resellers page on this website, email us at or call us on  1800 466 8567.

How often does MSPay pay Resellers?

MSPay’s resellers receive payment of their earnings on a weekly basis, with settlement by the Friday of each week.

How can I manage my merchant portfolio with MSPay?

MSPay provides resellers with a robust online Admin Account, which provides the functionality required to operate a sophisticated reseller business. This account can be used to manage existing merchants, establish new agents and view upcoming payments with detailed breakdowns. Resellers can also use this account to access both their, and their agents referral performance, and their entire merchant portfolio statistics. This account is referred to as the Reseller Admin Account.

Does MSPay manage the merchant and cardholder support process?

Yes, MSPay offers full merchant and cardholder support services to its resellers. If you would like to manage this process yourself, please inform your Reseller Manager when establishing your account with MSPay.

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